Are You a Mentor?

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Application for the 2013 scholarship/mentoring award is closed. Applications for the mentorship award for our 2014 show will be available November 1. 2013.

Have you had the spectacular experience of attending a great Knitting and Crocheting Show? The mass of fellow passionate artisans, the fabulous instructors, and the shopping! (What would you call a group of knitters and crocheters? A tangle?)

Knit1Crochet2 Learning League's Mission is to foster the exchange of yarn arts skills and provide excellent instruction at lower cost.

I returned from the VOGUE knitting LIVE Show bubbling with enthusiasm and eager to share what I'd learned. I wish everyone could have had the same experience. That's why Knit1Crochet2 Learning League has found a way for a lucky registrant to get their Show Registration FREE.

The application process is easy. You don’t need to be nominated. This is a Merit Award not based on financial need. The scholarship will be awarded to a knitter or crocheter who is most likely and most qualified to pass the information they receive at the Show to their community, fellow Guild or Group members. A brief description of how that will be achieved on a completed application form must be submitted electronically or (postmarked) by February 15, 2013. The goal is for each Knitting or Crocheting Guild or Group to nominate one or more members.