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Happy New Year! That’s to all the Gregorian calendar users. The cold weather has arrived in Upstate NY. Thick wool sweaters are out of storage and hot tea and hot chocolate are on the menu.

Laura’s favorite winter project (actually it extended for 6 months so a bit beyond the winter) was a 30 sq foot wedding blanket for her brother and his new wife. Each square foot was a different stitch. The colors were from their wedding; a dusty pink, sage and aran. Balancing the patterns and colors was a bit tricky so Laura was glad when her sister, who is also a knitter and crocheter, offered to help.

Balance in life is tricky too. Knitting helps us balance. It grounds us. It helps everything else fall in place. It didn’t surprise us when we read of the health benefits of knitting. It helps with some brain functions like mental sharpness, concentration and memory. We’re glad to have knitting in our lives. It may exercise our minds but we know it feeds our souls.   

Laura and Lou


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